Friday, April 30, 2010

For the Birds

We've been going a little earthy for Earth Day this month.

Jack planted his first crop of tomato plants and takes serious pride in watering them daily.

Then we got some clay to make garden markers.

(Or rather, a garden marker, since our clay was too hard and only one of them turned out.  We might revisit this little craft again later.  Jack still needs to paint this one.)

But I've been feeling down in the dumps about this oil spill.  Since we aren't able to directly help the birds in the Gulf of Mexico, we decided to do a little something for the local birds who entertain us daily from the tree outside our little porch.

Here's the materials we used:

(From left to right: scissors, a dull knife, some bird seed, twine - we tried yarn at first, but it definitely wasn't strong enough - one very eager boy, a jar of plain peanut butter, pinecones, and a large bowl)

After I smeared peanut butter all over the pine cones, Jack sprinkled bird seed on them.  Next we tied a piece of twine on the top and hung them from the tree.

We'll be doing a little bird watching tomorrow morning over breakfast to see if the birds are interested.  Now, let me just warn you that the pictures may look all clean and tidy, but this was by far our messiest craft ever!  I'm really glad we did it outside.  Both Jack and I, and some of the camera, were covered in birdseed and peanut butter.  Also, if your little one has the dreaded peanut allergy, or you're just not allowing them anywhere near peanut products yet, I'm sure that sunflower or almond butter would work as well.  Just make sure it's all sugar-free so the birds don't have to compete with the ants.

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