Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mooshy Belly Bunny and (grumpy) Baby Bunny

CBB's blog rocks, and since Crafty Mama rarely reinvents the wheel, we had to give her latest project a try.  We added a little twist by giving Mooshy Belly Bunny a baby (velcro squares are stitched to the two bunnies to hold them together).  This is another attempt to prepare Jack for what just may be the shock of his life in a few months.  We're up for any words of wisdom on how to prepare our dear boy for siblinghood.  

These Mooshy Bunnies were stitched from a couple of Ed's old polo shirts.  The grey material from the inner bunny ears comes from an old onesie of Jack's. Viva upcycling!  

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  1. This is sweet--I like the baby addition with velcro. You should add this to the Beeper Bebe Projects Flickr group--I love for people to share the twists they make to my designs--like the addition of your baby bunny. You can find the group here: