Monday, May 24, 2010

Little digger

I signed up this week to the mailing list of Kids Craft Weekly.  On their website in the 'free printables' tab was this really cute printable for a digger with moving parts.  Here is the link if you want to print one for yourself.

I printed the digger onto some white card, then printed a second copy and cut out the wheels so that they could be a moving part also.  Jack painted the digger yellow and used brown paint for the wheels.

It worked really well to tape the print-offs onto his easle.

(The following photo is blurry and has no information to add to this project, except that it's just so cute!)
After all the paint was dry, I cut out the parts and poked holes in them. 
Then everything got attached together using Brad clips.

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  1. CUTE!! My nephew is so talented. And I love the blurry big grin pic. I'm excited for all our kids to do crafts together.