Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

We went to my sister's house in Anaheim over the weekend for Mother's Day.  The day began with our husbands cooking breakfast for us, my mom and Nelia.  They thought of all the little details, including a breakfast menu, and fresh raspberries floating in our Mimosas!

My evenings the week before were spent sewing an apron for my fellow Crafty Mama-to-be sister, who is having a baby girl in October!

Check out this older post for the pattern, thanks to Susan Branch.

Also, I stitched up a new bag for my mom, the Birdie Sling, thanks to pattern designer Amy Butler.  Unfortulately the Birdie Sling isn't a free pattern, but there definitely are lots of great free patterns found through a link on her website.  However, I have to do a little boasting about what a great bag this is.  It has two pockets inside, and the entire thing is reinforced with fusible fabric, making it extra sturdy. 

Jack got the gift bags ready by stamping a sliced lemon onto them with yellow paint, then writing their names on the tags.


  1. I'm jealous of your new apron!!! What a great Mothers day!