Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pizza Box Football

Only 10 days til the World Cup starts!  Ed is in countdown mode, so to get Jack in the spirit, I made him this little tabletop football (aka soccer) game.  It only took a few materials we already had around the house:
  • A pizza box (it gave us a good excuse to order Dominoes)
  • Some green construction paper
  • Paint to make the lines on the pitch
  • Two pipe cleaners for the goal posts
  • Some 'ads' for the sides, chopped from food wrappers and cereal boxes
  • And to play the game - two straws and a white pom pom (or cotton ball)
By the way, I saw this idea in a doctor's office waiting room magazine, but found a link to it here.

Ed gave Jack a little schooling on how the game works.  Just blow in the straw to move the ball and score a goal.  We set some books under it so the ball would drop right through the hole when a goal was scored.

England vs. USA is on June 12, I think around noon.  Anybody who wants to watch it live can come over to our place!


  1. I love Jack's haircut. I haven't seen you two in such a long time! We miss you.

  2. seriously, jack is one lucky kid!

  3. This is such a good idea. I'll have to start getting crafty again. Thanks crafty Mama!

    p.s. Every time we have an empty tp roll Tessa asks if we can make cookie monsters again!

  4. This is great! Planning to do this tomorrow for our football funday crafty stall!