Thursday, June 17, 2010

Styrofoam egg carton letter printing

 We've had one of those styrofoam egg cartons tucked away for a just-in-case crafty moment.  Finally inspiration struck this afternoon.  Jack is really into letters and loves to identify his favorite ones with our alphabet fridge magnets.  So I cut the lid of the egg carton into squares and used a dull pencil to engrave letters into each square.  You probably already know that the non-symmetrical letters need to be written backwards for printing.  I, however, didn't think of this until after the mistake was made.  And why is writing letters backwards so tricky?
 To make it easier for Jack to do his printing, I put double-stick tape on the back of the styrofoam, then stuck some of his wooden blocks to it so he would have something to grip onto. 
I used a paint brush to put the paint on the styrofoam, then Jack pressed it onto a piece of paper.  This took a little practice at first.
But he caught on pretty quickly.  So, we printed up a little cover for his dad's father's day card.
 He just needed a little help lining up the blocks, and holding the piece of paper down when he lifted up the print block.
This was definitely a super-fun way to upcycle styrofoam.  We usually buy the cardboard cartons, but I just might pick up another styrofoam one again to finish off the rest of the alphabet. 

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