Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Photo Matching Memory Game

Usually I try to keep my hand-held electronic goods out of Jack's reach.   The other day, however, I noticed that he got  hold of my camera and was holding the lense up to his face taking pictures of himself, then turning it around to view them on the screen.  I decided to step back and watch this situation unfold.
So last week  I unearthed our old and very first digicam purchase and let Jack take some photos around the neighborhood of the things we see on our walks.  There's an autumn kinda theme going on.

I sent his photos over to Costco, along with several others from our archive, to be printed in wallet sized images. Don't know if other stores do this, but Costco prints four wallet-size images that are the same on each sheet.
After picking up our photos I cut them up individually and glued them on some card stock and laminated them in the Xyron machine. We kept pairs of each picture for Jack to use, and sent the other pairs of photos to one of Jack's friends.

Now we have our own set of Autumn-themed memory matching cards.

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  1. What a fabulous idea. Jack is an amazing budding photog!