Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fruit and Veggie Stampin'

We did a little apple picking last week.

That's where the inspiration started for this week's crafty activity. I found the most appley shaped of apples from our fruit bowl and chopped it in half right down the center so that the seeds and innard details would show really well.  Then Jack dipped one of the halves face down in some paint and warmed up his stamping skills.

The orange paint was for round one - a little practice before we got more serious.  And the practice was totally worth it because it was obvious that I put way too much paint out for Jack, which made our stamps look too thick and gloopy.

So for round two we got into a little white-on-red kind of look, reduced the amount of paint, and Jack concentrated on keeping a steady hand when doing the stamping.  We had a few mishaps, (well, a lot actually) but overall we're pleased with the effect.

After the paint dried I chopped up some cardstock, folded it and pasted his lovely apple stamp artwork on the front. It's amazing how a little bit of cropping and mounting can step up the quality of any kind of artwork.

A few days later we decided to make more of a project out of this activity.  First we did some more lemon stamping, then tried our technique out with a bell pepper.

Jack also sprinked them with glitter to give them a little extra dazzle.

Finally, we bundled them into sets of 6 with envelopes for Jack to give as Christmas presents to the relatives.

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