Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

Here's a little craft Jack and I threw together last week.

We used five popsickle sticks for each tree.  One for the trunk was painted brown.  Four for the branches were cut in graduating sizes with some strong kitchen scissors, then painted green.

After the paint dried I helped Jack glue the branches onto the trunk. Then he glued some sequins on for the ornaments.  

But the trees were still lacking a little something, so Jack painted some stars to go on top, sprinkled with glitter for that extra little bit of sparkle. 

 I cut out the stars and Jack glued them onto the tops of the trees.

Here they are all finished.  It sort of reminds me of Charlie Brown's little Christmas tree.

I glued a ribbon on the back to make it a hanging ornament.  We kept one for our tree at home, and will wrap up the other three for Jack to give as presents to his extended family.  


  1. Thanks for all the great ideas on your blog. I have a little guy who will love most of these crafts.

    They are really something that I can get excited about doing with him too!

    Here's my blog, although I don't always have crafty things on it.


  2. I love these! So cute!