Friday, January 21, 2011

Message on the Driveway

Just did my daily check-in to YHL.  See, like us, these guys just moved in to a new house.  My daily therapy is to get DIY inspiration from them as we're customizing our pad.   After reading about the secret message they found behind their bathroom mirror, I just had to do a quick run out to the driveway to share the message some owners of yore left for us.  (Yup, both kiddos are both napping as I'm writing this, so I could snag the photos and share this moment with you.)  And not too far from this little gem is another note that Jeff left for us just 8 years later:

I don't know who Jeff actually is, and I don't know who the person was that found peace back in '69, but it's a little snippet of history that inspires me to get creative and leave some secrets hidden in the cracks of our new place as we do a little home fixin'.

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