Thursday, January 20, 2011

PVC Pipe Baby Gym

I threw this together a few weeks ago with some basic backyard supplies:

From left to right...Jack, a Sharpie marker, a tape measure, PVC pipe cutters, Blue Glue (for gluing pvc pipe fittings), some old pieces of 1/2 inch pvc pipe, 2 half-inch T joints, 2 half-inch L joints, and 4 half-inch end caps.

I measured out the pipes and marked them with the Sharpie, then used the cutters to give 'em the snip.  Here's the measurements:

Top piece x1: 24 inches
Side bars x2: 20 inches
Base x4: 10 inches

I glued the two L joints on the ends of the top bar.  For the base, I glued 2 of the 10 inch pieces into each T joint, then put the end caps on those.  I decided not to glue the entire gym together, since it can easily be disassembled for storage.  Perhaps a fabric draw-string bag would be a nice little accessory for it!

I opted to spray-paint it with Rust-Oleum's Aqua in a satin finish.  Just one coat on each side while it was disassembled gave it a great finish. When it was dry, it was really easy to slot the pipes together, eh voila!

Recognize that hanging sunshine plushie?  There's a link for how to make one on this post.



  1. whats funny about this, is that i like the design better than more "official" ones. looks a lot cleaner. awesome. if i ever get sleep again, i may try this!

  2. Love it! Paige can't wait to have her own gym. I think I'll be constructing it this weekend.

  3. I love how frugal this idea is--way to go!

  4. Love how its a straight bar across the top. So much easier than the rounded ones you see at the store. The toys hang much nicer and baby can reach them more easily. Great job!

    1. Thanks! My babies have outgrown this, so working on a plan to morph it into a puppet theater. Stay tuned!

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