Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day

It was over three weeks ago that we got some snow at our house, which also melted the very next day.

But it's still a hot topic and the inspiration for today's crafty moment.  Btw, this idea isn't unique to us by any measure, since I read about it somewhere else. It all started with a cheap can of  shaving foam, a baking sheet, and some little cars that were anxious to spin their wheels in the snow.

About midway through we decided to add a drop of blue liquid food coloring to give the snow a swirly arctic hue.

I can see why men enjoy the ritual of morning shaving.  The foam had groovy texture to squish between our fingers!  I'll definitely pull out this activity again, but probably when its warmer out on the patio so we can go full on messy!

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