Friday, February 18, 2011

Bean Box

After a few rainy days this week, I started feeling desperate for some new indoor activities.

Jack was just about to bounce off the walls, and my fingers were aching to sew.  I found this pan in the garage and threw in a large bag of black beans from our kitchen cupboard, along with an assortment of containers.  This kept him thoroughly entertained for about 45 minutes.

Each time his attention started to wane, I'd run into the kitchen and search for a new container to explore with the beans.  I'd like to think he gleaned some knowledge of scientific properties as he shook and poured those beans between each little container.  The blanket under him made for a quick and easy clean-up, because we don't want Daisy gnawing on any stray black beans.

Here's one more shot, taken from the view of my sewing machine.  We were like two happy little peas in a pod.

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