Monday, February 21, 2011

Giant clothes pin artwork display

I saw these at Michael's yesterday.  Apart from being totally fascinated by the concept of a giant clothes pin, they also helped solve a household dilemma.  See, we've had this empty wall space in the kiddo's play area, and also another dilemma of how to display some of Jack's artwork that's been piling up without a place of its own.  

The giant clothes pegs were just the solution.  I bought a random selection of pegs @ $3 each and scrounged around the house for some Scotch brand Command strips, which adhered the pegs perfectly to the wall.  They're the lighweight strips, which are expected to hold a maximum weight of 3lbs, just enough for our giant clothes pins.

And Jack was one very proud boy when he walked into his play area this morning to find his newly displayed artwork.


  1. LOOVE this! Just may need to copy it!

  2. This is fantastic I too am going to use this idea. Bit worried about how to attach to the wall without the paint coming off if I remove them. But it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Worry not about your walls! Scotch makes velcro strips for hanging picture frames and other stuff without using nails or screws. I got some that hold (I think) three pounds each, which have held up really well for over two years now. You can buy the Scotch mounting strips at Target (try one of the ends of the aisles), Wal Mart, Joanne's and Michaels (check out the picture hanging section, Home Depot, Lowes, and I've even found them for a super bargain at the 99 Cent Store. All the best! CM