Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Birds and The Blob

Moving right along in Daisy's room, the birds are (partially) done.  I decided that making them would be one of the more fun parts of this project, so I skipped everything else on the to do list and jumped right into stitching them up.

The pattern is totally free and printable from Spool.  I can't stop staring at them and have a secret plan to turn our whole house into a bird aviary.

Can you hear them singing?

Peep. Peep.

And about that mouthwatering bird cage:  I ran into Marshalls the other day - a super-fast kidless visit, and almost started doing somersaults in the aisle when I locked eyes on it.  Definitely love at first sight.   All it took was a little glue-gunning and Daisy's first round of birdies had found a home.

And as for those whimsical magnetic trees, here's something to get your knees knocking...

I know, scary.  Daisy has been staring at them when she lays in her crib to fall asleep.  I have to wonder if it looks like "The Blob" rolling toward her.  And scared is exactly how I felt at Home Depot when I bought the paint.  But this is only the beginning of the story.  The big black blob you see here is Rustoleum's Magnetic Primer, the first layer.  I wanted three whimsical-ish looking magnetic trees for the wall behind her crib.  So it was a total delight to discover that my favorite digital photo editing program just happens to have some stickers called "Whimsy Trees."  I quickly nixed all other ideas and went straight to Picnik to help secure the shape of these trees.  Here's what we (me 'n' Picnik) came up with:

So that little story is how those became these.

I can already see some adjustments that need to be made. Painting in layers takes more patience than I usually have.


  1. those birds are amazing, and i can't wait to see everything all done!

  2. the birds are adorable--this room is well on its way to becoming quite a lovely showcase of your skills! I'm loving the idea of magnetic paint! So many possibilities :)