Monday, March 14, 2011

God save our painted Queen

We like to keep a little eye on the UK callendar, with the kiddos British heritage and all.  So this being Commonwealth Day in the UK, it seemed fitting to paint a portrait of the greatest symbol of the commonwealth - the queen.  One of my (many) vices is to checkout the royal news and gossip in The Sun on occasion. So doing some research for Jack to study some photos of her before cracking out the paint was a total delight.  Here are some that he perused through...

I guess Jack thinks blue is most complementary to QE2 because that's the paint color he chose to portray her today.  This portrait was a mommy/son collaboration. He did the painting...

...and I added a few details to her oufit.  

Then it was off to the afternoon nap so our dear queen could dry.  When Jack woke up he decorated her tiara and gave her a some beautiful queen-like curly hair aka cottonballs.

We're feeling really proud of this and will be singing "God Save the Queen" all afternoon. Hooray!  

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