Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet the Family

I think like a lot of kids, Jack and Daisy have some relatives that live a little farther away.  In order help them  learn to recognize all their relatives when they see them at holidays and special events, my mom printed each of them a set of photos of all their family members.  We stuck them as a collection into some little photo albums. 

I'm fortunate to have a sewing machine that does some basic embroidery functions.  So I stitched up their names onto some fabric for the covers, added a little border, snipped the edges with pinking shears, then stuck the fabric on the album covers with tacky glue.  We'll wait and see (fingers crossed!) how the tacky glue holds up to the usage these little personalized books will get.  

Daisy loves checking out the faces of all her favorite peeps.  

But the best gift for me was after Jack read through his photo book, closed it and proclaimed "That's my favorite book!"  Sigh. Totally worth the effort to hear that.  

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  1. I've heard of having photo books like these, but I love your personalized embroidery touch! These are wonderful! And wasn't that comment from little Jack just the best?! That's it, you've inspired me; I'm making one for Elias.