Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wee Three Trees

Thanks, dear readers, for putting up with my brief posting pause.   Your letters to the editor have been noted and filed for future reference.  I'll just take a moment here to give a shout-out to the moms who have more mouths to feed than my family of four plus cat.  Sometimes I go through phases where just keeping up with the laundry and scrubbing the toilets once in a while is all I can manage.  But my well of creativity needs some exercise, so on to the next post...

Daisy's room is moving along.  Keep in mind that I currently move at two speeds - slow and stop.  I like to celebrate all forms of progress.

You might remember the whimsical trees in their earlier stages.  I know some of you were really getting nervous about those giant black blobs on her wall.  I'm pleased to say she survived that stage without any night terrors or freak awakenings.  After applying three thin layers of the Rustoleum Magnetic Paint from Home Depot, I applied two layers of semi-gloss paint over each tree.  And I snagged one of the magnets from the fridge, as seen on the tree on the right (below) so you could see that they're all three now 100% magnetic. And that gives me a little thrill.  I know, weird.

Then I used some painters tape to outline the shape of their trunks.  This took a little bit of extra time to plan, but it made the next step super easy.  I just used a narrow roller and rolled the paint between the lines, then peeled the tape off while the paint was still wet.

And here's a view from another angle:

Now it's back to the to-do list.  Stay tuned.  Maybe by the time she's 8 it'll be finished.


  1. Love it! Love the curtain fabric and love those trees!

  2. i think it's beautiful!! you should be thrilled with how it turned out!

  3. Kerena sent your link to me, as you and I seem to share an interest in tree-painting. :) Your wee three trees are adorable - very creative! And I love that they're magnetic. I don't know what your future plans are for the room (as we know, time is at a premium with little ones around, and these projects can crawl slower than a six-month-old), but it might add a bit of whimsy to paint a cute owl or something perched in the right-hand (round) tree. I'm planning to add a swing and a few "hidden" silhouette animals to mine. That is, one day...