Sunday, June 19, 2011


This past week we took the big leap of taking our two kiddos on a camping trip.  I know it seems a bit over the top, but I just had  nightmares on the days leading up the trip that we'd be totally exhausted and the kids would be really weirded out by the whole tent situation and, therefore, abandon their well established sleep skills.  Now that the trip is over, I am so pleased to say that the kids slept every night, napped every day, and thoroughly enjoyed their week of mingling with Mother Nature 24/7.  Yay!!!Here's a little vacay recap.

These special peeps would be the fabulous Baker Family, our friends from days of yore, who graciously endured the craziness of camping with our fam for an entire week.

This is my Daisy waking up in the morning.  She got the happiest camper award. 

Jack and his dad embracing the tent life as they read bedtime stories (Amelia Bedelia).

Daisy hanging out on the beach.

Jack and his new BFF Kendall plotting the day's mischief after breakfast.

Daisy proving she can survive any situation as long as she has her cheerios.

Jack stealing a kiss with Kendall in the Redwood forest.

The Redwoods.  They were stunning, and truly mysterious.

And here's a shot of Paul Bunyan and his sidekick, Babe. Cuz what's a family vacation without a little bit of tack?

In spite of the nerve damage we endured from waking up at 6am with the kiddos in the bitterly cold air, our vacation week of camping in the great outdoors was dee-lish.

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