Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Butterflies in my tummy

I got a little creative bug (the fluttering kind) when dashing to make lunch before Jack got back from his morning at Summer Camp.

Getting him to eat veggies is such a painful struggle.  Usually I just keep quiet about it during mealtimes and hope that this phase won't last until he's 40.  I tend to save my shout-outs to vegetables for moments when we're not sitting at the table, when the pressure to perform isn't so high. The wings on these little butterflies are just a cheese and mayo sandwich with the crusts cut off.  I'm not usually the kind of mom who cuts off the crust, but they just looked so much cuter that way.  The antennas and body are carrot sticks, the faces are Ranch dressing, and those little eyes are mini M&Ms.  Some of you may balk at the thought of M&Ms touching the Ranch.  Nope.  Not my boy. Here's a close up for 'ya.

Jack expressed his appreciation, with "Thanks for the bunny rabbits, mommy."

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