Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Par-tay

With the kiddos' birthdays landing exactly one week apart we opted for a joint party.  Most of our our local-ish fam, and a few close family friends stopped in for the celebration

To get a party theme going we started with the invite pic. Naturally, I envisioned my little angels would pose as their usual angelic selves while I snapped a shot or two, with a lot of blank space around it to add some words on my favorite no-brain photo editor,  But after two days of trying for that perfect shot, this is all I could come up with.


However, with a little photoshop, we were able to mash these two pics

into this.

Then it was back to Picnik where I morphed that one into this one.

We did a little bit of decorating, which was inspired by the clothes the two birthday kids wore for the party.  Daisy's outfit was from Macy's and Jack's was a recent sale purchase from Target.

For the backyard, we put a table in front of the pool shed and lined it with some colorful butcher paper.  Also, I've always had a little soft spot to make some bunting, thanks to all the great pics on Pinterest.  A sale at Joanne's had some cotton fabric in our party colors. I cut that out into triangles and stitched on them some letters cut from brown fabric.  After that it was super duper easy to just lay the tops of the triangles inside two strips of bias cut tape and wiz it through the machine.

We also grabbed a few balloons and party hats in the same color scheme.  I printed some wallet size black & whites of the kiddos and glued them on the party hats for some extra added decor.  Here's my niece modeling one of them.

When our guests arrived we had some of our favorite party food set up inside the house, next to the fab cupcakes made by my sis at Fairy Cakes Bakery.  We served up some sizzling summer sandwiches, and used my favorite Picnik again to make little stand-up cards, which would serve to inform our guests what kind of sandwich they were partaking of.  And just like the photos on the food cards, we posted some more photos on cardstock and stuck them to the mirror above the cupcakes, all morphed into black & white like the invite, with matching cardstock in our party colors.  The photos are all a showcase of Jack & Daisy's past year.

After nibbling on our sandwiches and party food, we strapped the birthday kiddos into their highchairs and serenaded them with the birthday song as they prepared to devour their smash cakes.

When it was time for them to dig in Jack asked for a knife, and Daisy decided hers just wasn't enough for her giant appetite.  Seriously, she eats 2-3 times as much as Jack on a reglar basis and still maintains her 20th percentile baby figure.

After food & cake we migrated our party onto the back patio to break open the pinata.   In case you can't tell, he's a bird, molded with newspaper strips dipped into a flour & water paste and smoothed all over a 12 inch balloon.  For his beak I shaped a piece of card stock into a cone and gluegunned it on the balloon after the newspaper strips had dried over night.  His feet are brown pipecleaners and his wings were cut from a Cheerio box before they were painted purple and also glue gunned on.  After a few layers of paint dried and all the accessories were attached, I used my electric drill to make two holes in the top of him, then stuck an electrical strap (they're really truly useful for everything) in through one hole and up through the other to make a loop where the rope for hanging him was attached.  Here's a view from both the front.

And from the booty.

It almost looks like he's really flying.  A few of us actually took a swing at him, poor thing.

But love always wins. After all the tlc put into our flying friend, Jack couldn't cope with seeing him get attacked with the baseball bat, even after I told him that the bird would pop and rain lollipops, which are his most favorite things ever.

His concern melts my heart.  We decided to abandon the pinata idea, and avoid the possibility of reoccurring nightmares for our dear boy, and move onto the task of opening some pretty sweet presents.  Finally we wrapped up the festivities with a little video that Ed put together of kiddos' past year.   

What a crazy year this beautiful boy, one amazing baby girl.  We feel truly blessed beyond belief.  


  1. Was a fun party!

  2. looks amazing! memorable, for sure.

  3. Fun party! I loved the pinata. Great job putting it all together!