Friday, August 5, 2011

A day in the life of a birthday boy

We just can't seem to get enough birthday cake around here.  Jack turned the big 3 today. The celebration started brewing last night when I tucked him in for the last time as a 2 year old.  

This morning he climbed into our bed at 7:45.  Not making this up.  My boy is a 6:45ish riser, daily.  Guess it was his birthday gift to us.  However, sleeping in late meant he had to rush through his morning shave.

He had a quick peek at his cake and presents.

(I was up past midnight working out those hexagons on the football.)

Then we went to meet his friends at summercamp where I got to sample a little taste of being the classroom mom.

His summercamp teachers are simply the best.  I mean, honestly, we weren't expecting helium balloons or party hats or special napkins and tablecloths. No wonder he loves going there.

After summercamp, the birthday boy came home to have lunch with Nan and Grandad.  I just gotta say, so far the 3rd birthday is my favorite.  He's been talking about it for, like, the last 6 months.  And the first thing he said to Nan and Grandad was "Will you please sing Happy Birthday to me?"  This afternoon Daisy tried to get a hold of one of his birthday cards.  He let her know that they were not for her.  Then he sat with them and did a sort of fake read aloud through them.

After skyping with the family and opening a few presents, it was time for the afternoon nap.  And since he's now 3, he got to open up the present he's been most looking forward to...a pillow!

Let me just clarify that for the last 6ish months, Jack has been asking us to let him have a pillow when he goes to bed.  Not because he needs one necessarily, but because he's into things that grownups get to have.   We've sympathized with his request.  However, we've been a little hesitant about giving in too early, having read various recommendations to postpone pillow usage until age three. I won't go into the reasons why, but that's just what we decided to do.  So, we got a small pillow and cut out pieces from two extra Egyptian cotton sheets that match his bedding to make four pillowcases that would fit his new pillow.

In the afternoon we went to Ta's house where Jack finally got to tuck into that cake and a few more presents.

I made this one for him about a month ago.  It's been sooo hard to wait til his birthday to give it to him.  He has a book about a boy named Andy who wears a backpack.  I knew Jack would love having his own backpack. And sure enough, when he opened it and put it on, he said, "Just like Andy has a backpack!"

BTDubya sewing friends, this is a super easy one to throw together.  I snagged the pattern for $6 from my girl Rae over at Made by Rae.  The directions were simple and it only took one morning to cut the pieces and stitch it up.  Happy sewing everybody!  Happy Birthday Jack!  You make my life totally perfect.

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  1. What great pictures. Love the cake!! Backpack is also amazing.