Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Getting away for not just one but two vacations this summer landed us somewhere on the edge of giddy.  Sometimes just one summer vacation can be a rarity.  And I gotta be honest, I can feel pretty refreshed by escaping for just a day trip or a long weekend.   But is was a real treasure to enjoy some time with our kiddos on our camping trip to Oregon back in June (Jack still revels in the stories Ed's been making up for him about Paul Bunyan and his sidekick, Babe), and then a few weeks ago when we took the kidlets back to Santa Barbara, land where they were birthed.

But if that thought is TMI for ya, then shift your thoughts to the mild climate and lovely beaches of the Pacific.  And if near giddy is a description of us getting away for the week, then off the charts of overjoyed was how we felt about getting together with some of our dear old SB peeps.

And isn't that just like Santa Barbara.  There we were lounging on the beach when a local artist started painting us.  Pretty sweet.  Or creepy.  Depends how you look at it.  The beach atmosphere was dee-lish, and Jack was over the moon to hang out once again with his BFF, Will.

I wish I could have been close enough to hear what those two were saying to each other.

Heading back to SB as tourists gave us a good op to do some of the things we never did when we lived there.   So, wee took off on the Amtrak for the 10 minute ride from downtown SB to Carpinteria.

I think Ed might've been reliving his childhood career plan H as a train conductor in that photo.  Also it was really great to have my mom along for an extra pair of hands with the kiddos.  It also meant that Ed and I could sneak away for a evening or two out on the town. As for the train ride, the kiddos were rather awestruck by the whole experience.

Trying to make use of all modes of transporation, we moved on next to a boat trip, the Land and Sea tour of Santa Barbara.

There's the phone number on the boat for you to book a tour next time your in the area.  It totally rocked.  We drove all over the town, then just drove right into the water where it morphed into a boat.  Ridiculous.  The bambino thought her first boat ride was pretty fantastic.

We checked out some exciting sea life on this venture, including some dolphins and these lounging sea lions.

Daisy was totally taken and had many words to say to them as the boat approached.  In her baby babble it was almost like she spoke their language.

But enough with all the transportation.  We were there to soak up the beach, so we headed back to the sea and sand for some good old fashioned digging.

Jack also practiced writing his favorite letters in the sand.

That evening the kiddos enjoyed a nice warm bath, followed by a kissing demo for the camera by Daisy.

Jack wasn't going to let her do all the showing off, so he grabbed the camera to show his self-portrait skills.

But our week was quickly slipping away.  So while was Daisy was napping back at our apartment with her dad there to keep an eye on her, I snapped up one last opportunity to steal away at the beach for a foggy morning walk with my favorite 3 year old boy.

That's the backpack I made for him to wear to preschool, which he started for the first time this week.  I still remember the magic of the morning he was born, and how my whole world did one huge fantastic cartwheel.  

We spelled his name in the sand, then watched the ocean come up and wash it away.

Then we collected some stones in his bucket and threw them back into the water.  (He did, however, save some and carried them back to the apartment in his bucket to give to his baby sister.)

My heart is heavy with love for this boy.

We stopped at this bench on the walk back for him to have a snack.

It's hard to remember when he finally learned to hold these box juices without squeezing them too tight.

We sat for a while and watched the water and the birds, then he got up to demonstrate how fast he can run in his new shoes.

It was one nice memory-filled week.

So in closing, I'll leave you with our most recent attempt at a family photo.

We'll keep trying.  Hope ya'll had a good summer too.  


  1. Love those everyone of those pictures as well as hearing about your trip.