Thursday, September 8, 2011

Map Love

It's been a little over three years now since we moved out of the home we lived in for 6 years in Wales, which Ed and I purchased just after we got married.  Here's a little snippet of the back garden (that's what the Brits call the backyard) where we spent lots of happy times digging and planting.  Check out the herb garden in the lower right corner, and the mosaic paving stones, which my sister and I threw together one Christmas when she visited.

Lately I've been feeling a little sentimental for that house, since we just recently sold it, after renting it out for a while following our move to California.   So with some inspiration from Pinterest, I got a little crafty this afternoon while the kiddos were napping.

To start, I printed off a map on cardstock of the village where we lived, Loughor (pronounced luck-or) including the neighboring city of Swansea and the lush Gower peninsula where we used to love going for weekend drives and hikes.

After rummaging through a jar of cookie cutters, I found a heart that was just the right size.

Then with a steady hand and a super-sharp pencil, I traced around the cookie cutter so the heart would draw attention to our beloved village on the map.

After tracing the heart, I took a sharp needle and made little evenly-ish spaced holes on the pencil line, using my cutting mat under the paper as a cushion.

After poking the first few holes (in the lower right part of the heart) I realized they were a little bit too close, which could maybe mess up the game plan I had to stitch through them with a needle and thread.  Perhaps if the holes were too close they could tear the paper between them to make one big gaping hole, which wouldn't look so great.  So I adjusted my technique and spaced the holes a little bit farther apart.  Then with a needle and some apple red thread, I attempted the stitching.

So far so good, so I continued to the finish line and gave a little silent victory shout, cuz the kiddos were still napping.

Here's the original one I saw on Pinterest.

I like how their's had a little more of umph in the thread.  Maybe they used yarn, or just a thread with a thicker weave.  It's definitely something I'll aspire to, and perhaps even revisit another time when the kiddos do some napping again.  (They woke up, so my crafty afternoon had to come to a close, as far as this activity went).

So, here's how my little map loving activity looked after it was paired with a white frame.

I like the memories it brings up when I look at, and also the effect of mixing sewing with paper products.


  1. what took you to wales? and then what took you to california?

    ..btw i love this project. i could make maps with hearts all day!

  2. Hey Pamela...I moved to Wales after I got married because that's where my husband was from and lived at the time. Then 6 years later he landed a job in CA and that's where we live now.

  3. What a wonderful way to preserve a fond memory of your beautiful back garden and the lush surrounding area.