Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Not many things get me as excited as a successful thrift store hunt.  My search plan is often very open-ended, but usually I like to check out the sewing shelf (if they have one), the furniture (to see if they have any pieces begging me to bring them home for painting/refinishing), the books, the toys, and the kids clothes.  Today, however, I was hunting for a builder's hat for Jack's Halloween Costume.

My local favorite shop is half-off most stuff every Thursday morning, and they didn't disappointment me on  this particular day.  Here are our new treasures, freshly spiffed up with come Clorox clean-up wipes.

I guess you could say that this bunch of loot was like a little trip down memory lane for dear old moi.   Chutes & Ladders was my childhood staple.  My sis and I wasted the hours away playing this with our neighbor, Jeremiah.  We also clocked up quite a few hours playing Hi Ho Cherry-o when we'd visit my auntie Pam, who had this game just for us.  The salad spinner?  Who can pass one up when they're offering it for only 99cents.  Mr Darcy Takes a Wife will quench my reoccurring Jane Austen thirst, and....ta da!  The builder's hat...just the item we were after!  Success tastes pretty sweet.

Seven dollars and forty-two cents later I came home and cleaned up my items, including a good hot dishwasher scrub for the salad spinner.

When Jack awoke from his afternoon nap we cracked out the games.  First Hi Ho Cherry-O, which he totally adored.

Not only is this game fabulous for building counting skills, but it also exercises those fine motor skills that boys sometimes take a little longer to develop.

After a few rounds of emptying our buckets and shouting "Hi Ho Cherry-O!,"  we moved on to Chutes and Ladders.

This game is a bit more advanced for my 3-year-old's current skill level, but he loved moving his little game piece up the ladder and down the slide.

But the best part of our afternoon was yet to come. I saw this idea on The Artful Parent, where you make some groovy spin art with a handy dandy salad spinner.  However, up until this morning we did not own one of those contraptions.  And since I only paid 99 cents for it, I felt totally comfortable getting paint splattered all over it.

So we got some white card stock and drew large circles on it, using this plastic food container as a guide.  All we needed to do with our paper after that was cut out the circles and place them, one at at time, into the salad spinner.

Next it was time to rummage for some paints.  I decided that paints in squeezy containers might work best for this project.  These old craft paints stashed out in our garage were all just about empty.  So, I just revived the nearly-dried-paint in the bottom of them with a little splash of water (which also made the paint a thinner consistency, a lot more splatter-able.)

Jack took two of the colors and squeezed a few drops onto the paper.

Then he put the lid on and spun with all his mite.  I had to help him hold the base steady as he spun.

Then we lifted the lid to check out our spin art awesomeness!

We were totally pleased with this, but decided to add a little bit of red for a more layered look.

We added some new circles of paper, then paint, and spun out with our new treasure all afternoon.

I did notice, however, that we had some paint leakage spilling out from the drainage holes at the bottom of the salad spinner.  Probably a more level-headed parent would think to put down some newspaper. But in all my excitement to get my paint-spin on, I totally neglected this very important step.  However, I'm pleased to say that the paint all wiped up from the tile beautifully, and did no harm to the brown grout on our countertops.

Here's our finished collection of spin art.

But we couldn't stop there.  Jack decided to add some sprinkles of glitter for a more blinged-up look.

All in all, this paint activity has to be one of our all-time favorites.  I can see us spinning away on some new projects very regularly.


  1. i love the spinning. so much, i may go get a salad spinner tomorrow to dedicate solely for this purpose.

  2. When I filled my cherry bucket (or was it emptied?) Jack said, "Ta, you forfot to say Hi Ho Cherry O."