Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 is already a 'has been' but I can't let November descend upon you too quickly without sharing some pics of my cowgirl and handyman making their way around the neighborhood last night.

Er, back up just a minute.  The handyman got a little preoccupied when we were trying to get out the door. He takes his job seriously.  That's the hat we picked up at my local thrift a few weeks ago.  I peeled away the old sticker and printed off my own, stickerfying it with the handy dandy Xyron machine.  Also, the hat was wa-hay too big for his sweet little head, so I cut some foam strips and glue-gunned them inside for a more snuggeleyer fit.

Finally we set off on our mission.

Daisy had to stop and check out our Jack-o-lanterns, carved that very afternoon.  She thought they were lush.

Then away she went.  She's been walking for about a month, but I still can't stop watching her itty bitty feet go.  She has a little penguin-ish sway.

But she was way ahead of Jack, so she stopped and called out to him..."Ja!"  Then waited.

He caught up and off they went.

Here's a closer look at the pumpkins in their full glory.  I'm proud to say that we grew the two outer ones.  I planted 8 seeds and got two pumpkins.  But that leaves some room for improvement on my gardening skills for next year's planting season.

As for the costume 4-1-1, Daisy's dungarees were a hand-me-down from some friends, and the hat was inherited from her big bro.  Jack's vest and tool belt were hand stitched by moi, although I took no photos of the process and still scratch my head as to how I did the vest, since it was one of those way-too-late-at-night rush projects.  But the best part is that Jack loves to wear it again and again around the house.  I totally love Halloween costumes that lend themselves to role plan and imagination.  He still gets a kick out of wearing his superman cape around, especially when jumping on his trampoline.  I recently reorganized his closet and kept a section on the end specifically for role play and dress up.  It'll be fun to see how that evolves.

Hope ya'll had a safe and fun Halloween too!

xo CM

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