Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Gift Tags 2011

The 2011 edition of our Christmas gift tags was completed a few weeks ago.  But they really only started coming alive when I wrapped up a few gifts last night and sat back to admire the sparkle of finishing touch they added to our presents.

This was a mother/son collaboration project, so to get started we gathered a few simple items from our craft supply cupboard: Watercolor paper, paint brushes, some green paint, white paint, and a little empty play dough container.

To get started I put a bit of green paint in the yellow container, then added a little bit of water to make our own watercolor paint.  That was when Jack to over by painting some Christmas trees on the watercolor paper.

My plan was to wait for the green paint to dry, then add some white details to look like snow.  But we decided to skip that step because the trees were already looking perfect.

After the green paint dried I cut out the Christmas trees.

Next I got out my gift tag punch (love this little gadget!) and cut out the gift tags.

So that just left the final step of adhering the Christmas trees to the tags.  My sewing machine was screaming out to be a part of this project.  I set the stitch length a little bit wider than the standard setting, and opted for red thread and bobbin so it would stand out against the trees for a kind of layered look.

The only wear and tear I can find that was left for the sewing machine was a little bit of a dull needle...which has a super simple and cheap solution.  But it was totally worth it for the outcome.

I totally dig the look of paper products combined with stitching, like the map of Wales hanging in our hallway.

Jack was super excited to wrap the gifts we gave to his pre school teachers with the tags we made.  Speaking of pre school, this is the present he's been working on for Ed and I this past month at school.

I'm 95% sure it's a snowman, but 100% certain that he's brought a good dose of Merry to our house this Christmas.  Here's a close up of his face.

We're totally in love with him, and every little googley eye and pom pom that our boy glued with his sweet hands.  Kid art is the best!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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