Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kitchen Corner Makeover

We've survived a little over a year in our new-to-us house with the booth in the kitchen looking like this, minus the recently purchased wall storage.  

Are you thinking Viva la Motorhome, circa 1972?  Our first thought when we bought the new pad was to make a quick exit with this corner of the kitchen and redo the entire cabinet lay-out.  However, Jack has taken quite a fondness to hanging out in this corner.  And I gotta admit, it makes me so happy to stand across kitchen rolling the veggie meatballs while he climbs up in the booth, practicing writing his name on his dinosaur notepad. 

So, we decided for the time being to keep the booth and just spruce it up a bit.  Getting the look started with some Kilz oil-based primer around the window sill and on the varnished wood trim around the booth.  Here's another before close up of that trim and fabric.

After the primer dried overnight, I cracked out some spare high gloss paint we had stashed away in the garage from painting our baseboards when we moved in.  We used Behr's Ultra Pure White.  

The beauty in the design of this booth is that we can easily remove the seats for storage (where I keep the kiddos' games and some easy-to access crafty bits and pieces).  There's some super strength velcro on the the piece that fits on the backrest to hold it securely in place.  

And yes, that's me wearing socks with my flip flops.

The fabric I used to recover the hunter green tartan (embellished with a year's worth of paint, glue and marker stripes)  is Waverly's Modern Essentials in Solar Flair, snagged on a half price sale at Joann's.  I also picked up some clear vinyl, which is quite sturdy and made for covering tablecloths.  The vinyl was the real winner of this project.  I wanted these benches to be wipe clean-able so that the kiddos can work away on any marker, glue or paint project, which will easily clean up from the vinyl while the fabric pattern underneath remains pristine.  

And because I tend to do things out of order, the finishing touch was actually done before the painting and reupholstrey. About a month ago I made a trip to Ikea where I snagged these little bars with some containers that easily lift on off.  And the bonus was that the two shades of blue work perfectly with the lighter and darker shades of blue in the fabric.  Also, the hardware on the very top was from ikea.  It came with some little metal clips, almost like a clothesline, where I hang the treasures Jack makes at his preschool, as well as some of the stuff we throw together at home.  He's entered the age of mass production, so the Giant Clothes Pen display in the kiddos' play area isn't quite enough to show off his current work.

Here's another shot where you can get a closer look at the fabric and craft supply storage together.

This makes me sooo happy!  I love the pattern, the wipe-clean vinyl covering, the way colors of the containers and the fabric are all good friends, and especially how easy it is for the kiddos to get their creative groove on when hop up there to hang out.  And when I come into the kitchen in the morning, this is how it says hello to me.

What a cheerful way to start the day!  Here's another angle.

I guess the next step will be some new light fixtures, or else a good spray paint job on the metal parts of the current ones.  I'll let you know how that goes.  

So a few mornings ago Jack was the first in the house to wake up and came into our bedroom for his daily morning snuggle.  Following that, I got up with him and went to the kitchen before Daisy and Mr Crafty Mama had awoken.  Jack went right for the play dough, sitting inside one of the hanging  metal baskets, while I made a b-line for the coffee.  Then we both settled down across from each other at our newly made-over booth while we chatted and rolled out the dough to make a crackin' batch of cookies.  

Here he is showing off his tasty goods.  

I love that we'll now have a pretty background in the pictures when we make our crafty stuff in this corner of the house.  

Also, Daisy is a big fan of hanging out in this little area.  And when she gets over her craving for crayons and is a bit more stable on her feet, I'll soon be making veggie meatballs across the kitchen while she helps herself to the wall storage and explores the fabulous world of Crayola and Play Dough.  

I'll sign off with one last photo of the kiddos, happy as clowns in their new crafty corner. 



  1. I LOVE it!! What a HUGE difference new "fabric" makes!! With the new look I definitely think you should keep it in your kitchen! It is adorable!! Awesome job!

  2. Thanks! We sit here so much, it just might be here to stay.

  3. Do you know the exact name of those ikea bins and bars by chance? Not seeing them in the kids section of the website- so maybe they don't have these anymore.


    1. Sorry, I've searched their website and can't find them anywhere. But they were in the kitchen storage and accessories section. Best of luck!