Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paint Chip Art

Is anyone else in love with paint chips?  I have a collection from past projects we've done in our house, and once in a while I get them out and dream of what could be made with them, or look for some surprising color combinations.

Anyhow, this picture frame has been hanging empty in our hallway, in need of some artwork to show off.

So I cracked out my paint chip collection while the kiddos were napping a few days ago, and during the duration of their naptime whipped up a little project.  But let's just back up a step.  I pinned this idea on Pinterest a few months ago.  It capitalizes on my latest interest of stitching paper to paper (like here and here) with my dear Brother (the sewing machine, not sibling.  I don't actually have any bro's, just bro-in-laws, who are also both pretty swell.)

The link below the pic shows the original post where it was presented in All Things Paper.  So after sifting through the paint chip samples, I landed on two favorites of aqua tones and soft yellows.  I love names of the aqua tones: Ionic Sky and Windwood Spring.  That's exactly what the weather was like today.  It was pretty breazy on our morning walk, but with a taste of the upcoming season because some bulbs were starting to peak their little green stems up through the ground.  Nature tones of green, blue, yellow and orange are where I'm feeling magnetized at the moment. Along with the paint chips, I was anxious to mimic some of my own pinterest inspired art thanks to the flower punch that appeared in my Christmas stocking courtesy of one of my bro-in-laws.  There's a theme here.

After punching out the yellow flowers, I lined up the glass from the frame onto the aqua paint chip and traced around it to cut it out for the size of the hole it would fit within the frame.

Then I lined up the little sprinkling of yellow flowers and glued them into place with the teeniest dab of Tacky glue.

After they sat to harden to the card for about two minutes, I threaded some pea green thread through the sewing machine and stitched them to the paper in a little playful design.  To keep the needle where I wanted it to go on the card, I did this part super slowly, one stitch at a time.  It helped to keep the needle in the down position but lift the foot of the sewing machine in order to shift the card in different directions.

As you can see from that last pic, it helped to cut off a bit of the top flower for it to fit inside the photo frame.

And since I already had all the supplies, the cost of this artwork was totally free.

The frame is now back hanging out with his friends at the end of the hallway.

It's among a few of our family favorites.

Has anyone else been pinning paintchip inspired ideas on Pinterest? Happy Pinning!


  1. Very pretty! You took the idea and made it your own.

    1. Thanks Ann! Your stuff is always inspiring.

      Keep Creating!