Thursday, February 9, 2012

Have a Heart

Valentine's Day is around the corner and love is in the air.  So to get in the mood, Jack and I threw this little crafty project together in about 20 minutes.

The supplies we needed were just about an arm's reach away right in the kitchen cupboards, and a quick run to the garage where I keep a big bag of yarn scraps.  Here's what we used:  wax paper, red yarn, and Elmer's glue squeezed into a bowl mixed with an equal-ish amount of water and stirred up.

I drew a large heart onto the wax paper with a sharpie marker.

After the cutting the yarn into several lengths of about a meter each, Jack dipped them individually into our glue mixture, swished them around so they were well coated with gluey water, then laid them onto the heart.

He was sort of intrigued and sort of put off by the mess on his hands, so after a few pieces of yarn, he told me he was finished.  But bribery (or rewarding as one of my friends more optimistically puts it) definitely has a place in parenting.  So with a little incentive he got it all done and looking super good.  There's a lot of power held in one tiny MnM.

Next we set our heart in the garage to dry.  It took a few days, even after I moved it onto the dryer so the heat would help speed up the process.  Even so, it was about 48 hours altogether.  So you've still got a little bit of time to squeeze this one in before V-day.

Finally the heart dry and peeled off fairly easily from the wax paper in one solid piece.  I held it up for a pic so you could see that it holds its shape pretty well.

I took down some of Jack's artwork from Christmas and added it to his art gallery.

It adds a happy splash of color to our kitchen.

Can you imagine how much fun stuff could be made using this technique?  I think when I first saw this idea it was used to make orange pumpkins for Halloween.  A big star for 4th of July would be cool, or a Christmas tree, a kid's name, or even a whole alphabet of yarn letters!  How cool would that be!  

So before we go, here's a little clip from one of my favorite movies to get your love is in the air mood on.

Happy Valentine's day everybody!

xo CM  

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