Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long live the zippered pouch

It was just about a year ago to the day when my dear old college friend, Amy, came to my house to deliver a beautiful set of handmade zippered pouches, along with a spare zipper and some pre-cut fabric for a personalized zippered pouch tutorial.  She showed me how to whip them out and I've since been addicted.  (Thanks Amy, if you're reading this.  That was truly a fabulous gift!) After ordering 150 zippers on  e-bay, I stitched a few for some fall birthdays, then a big assembly at Christmas.  It's  been all sort of a rush job, but here's a little show of what they're looking like lately.

This first set is for my friend Karen's birthday.  She's made me so many amazing handmade things, which are a whole other post to write about.

I was planning to just send her the three smaller pouches, but after realizing that they were all nearly the same size, it seemed like she might appreciate a little bit of size variation with some scarp fabric I had already stitched in stripes.  It was just the right length for a 10-inch zipper.

All the pouches are lined with a different kind of fabric, and a great tutorial for making them is on Skip to my Lou.

I ran into the little tiny croched flowers in the scrap booking section at Michaels - a whole pack of colors and sizes, like 8-10 of them for around $2.50.  They make such a happy embellishment!

Zippers!  After ordering 150 of these little guys, I'll be making zippered pouches for the next 10 years!

The following is just a really badly lit photograph of how I gift wrapped the little pouches.  It's a folded over piece of gift wrap, stitched around it, trimmed the edges with pinking shears, and painted a birthday message.  I have a big apology to make to some clever person in blog world.  This is totally their idea, but I forgot to bookmark or pin it, and can't find where this fabulous idea came from.

So next on February's zippered pouch sewing list was Valentine's day.  Unbeknownst to Ed, I've held on to these old t-shirts that he cleared from his closet about a year ago.  Here they are laid on the couch, with our cat, Phoebe, in the background contemplating which one she's going to curl up on.

With a little cutting and stitching, those morphed themselves into these.

I used to think that a zippered pouch was more of a girly thing to have.  But Ed has a whole army of trinkets and gadgets in his bedside table drawer that will fit just right in a zippered pouch like one of these.  Or he might find an entirely different place he wants to use them.

You might recognize this fabric pattern from the Mooshy Belly Bunny I made for Jack a few Easters ago.

And this was a phrase worth saving, since Ed's career plan B has always been to become a rap star.  I like it when he freestyles for me while we're driving.

This bag is one of my favorites.  Obviously it's not Pac Man, but it reminds me of a time when we discovered Pac Man on our Google Home pages, and both had a New Year's resolution to get onto the Google all time top 10 scoreboard!  That was long before the days of our two little 'alarm clocks' that wake us up bright and early.

All the bags have a different fabric (cut from the old t-shirts) lining the inside.  On this one I stitched a surprise of a few more scrap images on the inside.

I'm totally an amateur sewing knit fabric, but found that it worked a little bit better to set my stitch length slightly longer than what it's usually set at.

Ed got the same gift-wrap treatment.

I love the look of stitch on paper.  And what is it about zigzag that always looks so fun?

A bit of paint and it's ready for Tuesday.

xo CM

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