Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dewi Sant 2012

Happy St. David's day everyone!  (FYI...St. David is to Wales like St. Patrick to Ireland.)  We're feeling pretty nostalgic for Wales, where we lived for the first 6 years of our married life.  So this being St. Daivd's day and all, we had to stop by our local grocery for some leeks.  By 5:15 yesterday evening they only had one bundle left!

Jack cradled them lovingly and we hurried off to pay.

Earlier yesterday afternoon we threw together a batch of Welsh Cakes.

This was the first time I braved baking with both kiddos pitching in with the measuring, stirring and rolling out.

Don't get mislead by this jovial family scene.  By the time we were finished the kitchen was a nightmare, and my inner monster was groaning as I watched the kiddos spill sugar across the kitchen floor.

But the kids loved making 'em, and it's pretty cute to see how passionate they get about their cooking.

After a flip on the cast iron griddle and getting rolled in sugar, they tasted pretty fab with a cup of coffee on this blustery St. David's morning.

Check out our recipe!

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