Friday, March 16, 2012

Scrabble tile my style

I'm a frustrated Scrabble player.  But you know those little tiles that come with the game?  Those are my soft spot.  They're so smooth and cute. So it was love at first sight for sure when I spotted this Scrabble game in mint condition on a thrifting trip a few months ago...for a dollar (cuz it was half-price morning!!!)  Yay!

I've had a few crafty ideas up my sleeve for the little tiles, but haven't gotten round to actually doing them.  But the other day I decided to clean the dust off a spare glass decanter jar we've had sitting in a cupboard, and fill it with those sweet little tiles.

It's perching on a little shelf near our dining table, with one of the letter holders next to it that the players each get during the Scrabble game.

Of course, the dining area influenced the quotation.  It's a bit fuzzy, but look how all the tiles just stack and snuggle together in the jar.  I like that sort of thing.

But the phrase of the day could change at any time, and that's one thing I like about this little shelving display.  And something about a jar full of letters that can make up any stinkin' word in the English language (and a few other languages too) makes me feel expecatant (not expecting haha!), like there are a whole lotta possibilities out there, stored up in one little decanter.

Here's a zoom out.

So may your day be blessed with good words, the ones others give to you and the ones that come out of you.

Crafty Mama

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  1. so can use scrabble if you are mad just to avoid the noise..ahahaha..sounds cool