Saturday, August 4, 2012

Let them eat cake!

It's Birthday marathon time!    We get to enjoy it every year, starting on July 23 with Mr. Crafty Mama, and ending on August 4 with my boy Jack.  Daisy is sandwiched almost perfectly in between them.  I feel like my raison d'etre for being a mom is to make cute cakes for my kiddos, and it's nice to bake my husband some food from his mother country while I'm at it. So here's the 2012 edition of our three weeks in a row of birthday cakes.

Ed requested a Victoria Sponge.  I got some recipe help from the BBC,  but added my own spin with a powdered sugar-sprinkled Union Jack Flag as an homage to Ed's homeland and a reminder of the upcoming Olympic Games.

The kiddos were a big help blowing out the candles and on July 23 we broke all the rules and had cake for breakfast!

Up next was Daisy.  My baby girl turned 2 on July 28.  She gets more and more beautiful every day.   Here she is with her mama-made butterfly cake.

I'm not saying it was a masterpiece, but two year olds can be quite forgiving, and Daisy was pretty wowed by her 'Bu-bu-fly' cake. Love that girl.

The antennae are pipe cleaners wrapped around pencils to make them curly.  The kiddos thought the star sprinkles on the body section were amazing.  

Finally we ended our marathon today with Jack's birthday.  And since my boy is such a golf nut, I had to whip up a cake that would remind him of his current favorite sport.

I googled around for some of the ideas.  

It was a lot to fit onto a round two-tiered cake, so perhaps in retrospect a rectangular sheet cake might make more sense for anyone who attempts anything similar.  The flag is made from a pretzel rod and fruit roll-up.

The golf ball is a white gumball.

The bunker is ground up Vanilla Wafers.

The pond is blue frosting sprinkled with blue sprinkles and a few gold fish crackers.  This cake was 100% edible.

Jack woke up from his nap and came in to check it out.  

We kept the kiddos' birthdays low-key this year and enjoyed some precious time with family, including their cousin Page who caught a lift over from Daisy.

I am so thankful for my kiddos.  Like I said, one of the reasons I always wanted to be a mom is to make them fun birthday cakes, among a few other things.  

Thanks for reading!  



  1. These cakes are amazing! They look delicious too! I opted to make a cake out of cake pops (without the stick, so I guess they were cake balls). Being a not so crafty mama, I thought this would be easier and it probably was, but it was still a lot of work. It did turn out pretty cool and tasted great too! Here is a link to a picture of the cake:

    We miss you all!


    1. Thanks Camille! Miss you guys too! I still have a special memory of watching England V. the USA in the World Cup with you when Archie was barely a week old. Your cake balls (love!) are beautiful, and the Care Bears theme is totally cool. I would never have had the patience to make all of those, and such a great array of colors! Good work, for a 'not so crafty mama.' Haha!