Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Residual Olympic Fever

We watched it, wore the t-shirt(s), and are still mourning that the daily evening round-up is over.  But that doesn't mean it's too late to share the craft that we threw together with our neighbors a few weeks ago, right?  So here's how it went....

We went to visit our Brit neighbors...Zeb and his super fun mum.  They graciously cleared the room and together, along with some of their friends who are new in town, we scoured our supplies for anything we could glue onto our Olympic rings for a color-matching collage craft fest.  Check out the boys at hard at work.

We glued everything we could find...from magnetic letters and numbers, to scraps of ribbon, stickers, buttons, and bottle caps.

Those boys were working it, but I gotta admit that their energy waned after a bit.  Had I thought of it earlier it would be a great craft to spread out day-by-day leading up to the Olympics, perhaps working on a different ring each day.  Also, Daisy wasn't meant to be left out.  I brought along enough rings for her to make one,  but she was too overtaken by Zeb's cool toys to join in this time.  

Once we were back home and the glue was dry we clipped it up in the kiddos' giant-clothes-pin gallery.

Let's go close-up.

Kid-made art is the best!  

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