Friday, August 31, 2012

Rockin with my mission man

I mentioned a few months ago the story of how our second hand living room evolved into existence.  We love second hand furniture (and clothes and cars and toys and lots of other stuff).  But I haven't been feeling on board about the seat cover on the rocking chair.  Take note of exhibit A:

This Mission style guy is has so much that's right.  Tall, dark and handsome, he has great posture and absolute solidness from every angle. The ideal man.  Except for his dress sense.  The green faux-leather seat just wasn't rockin in my style.  I've been thinking something softer, lighter, maybe floral-ish.  Picture Mr. G.Q. McDreamy sporting a floral print shirt.

For this make-over I had to get the thumbs up from my mom.  Technically the chair is on loan from her.  I needed to find out if it was a short term loan, or a long term thing, as in you-can-have-it-forever kind of loan.  She was totally game, and reminded me that her house is maxed out on furniture, so it looks like the hunky mission man is here to stay.

To get started I unscrewed four screws from the bottom to release the seat part of the chair.  Flipped upside down the seat looked like this.

Lots of staples held the batting and cover onto a wood frame. During the kiddos' afternoon nap I put on an episode of The Chew and went to work removing the staples with a flat head screwdriver and pair of pliers. Here's the faux leather green cover, and the base with the batting still on it.  

The cover was actually thee pieces stitched together.  I used my sewing seam ripper to separate the pieces so they could be used as a pattern.  

Also, there was a layer of cording around the edge of the whole seat.  It definitely added a finishing touch.  It was surprisingly easy to pull the cording out of the faux leather that covered it.  So here's how that looked after I removed the cording. 

The next step was to pin the pieces of faux leather to my new upholstery fabric.  You'll get a sneak peak in the next pic of the new 'shirt' Mr. Mission will be wearing.  One little trick with this pattern was to line it up so that the design was symmetrical.  Then I cut around the leather with my sewing scissors.  

After the center and two side sections were cut out, I laid the side sections on the center piece, wrong sides together, and pinned them into place.

I didn't get a pic of the sewing action, but miraculously a cover was made that was the right fit!

So I flipped the seat over and went to town with my staple gun.

The next job was to recover the cording.  This was surprisingly easy.  I cut the same fabric into 2-inch strips and wrapped them around the white cords, then put a straight stitch along the cord with my zipper foot.

After stapling the cording to the base, I also stapled on this piece of scrap fabric just to tidy up the bottom.

Then it was a matter of putting the seat back in its proper place and securing it with screws.

A man can do wonders for his looks just by changing his shirt!  Here's a close-up of the cording.  It's was the icing on the cake for this project.  

 We're still a few major projects away from finished, but for the now this is how the second-hand living room is looking.

 The couch has two new additions to its throw pillow collection.  This one was inspired by and completed while watching the Olympics.  It's basically a bunch of fabric strips appliqued onto a fabric rectangle.

The other is hands down my favorite so far.  Several months ago my Nana went to an estate sale in Arizona and picked up this tapestry for $2.  I morphed him into a throw pillow.

Together those two like to snuggle like this.

In case you want to see the back of those two, here's how they look.  I'm a detail kind of girl, so I like to check something out from all angles.

The zipper was a little bit short to fit all the way across the back, so I extended it with a scrap of fabric left over from the flag stripes.

This is the back of the 'I Love You' Pillow.  His zipper had the same problem.

The other recent update is a few hanging items slapped up onto the wall.   The frames were all different colors, but recently got a revival with some pray paint, except for the blue ones which I picked up at Target. The butterfly prints were once a big piece of wrapping paper from Paperchase.

The curio cabinet was made for me by my crafty dad when I was a teenager.  I just might paint it one of these days.  But in the mean time some leftover pieces of scrap book paper got placed in the back of some of the boxes to make the items pop out.

So here's the latest B & A of our second hand living room.

A little bit of color adds a lift.

But still so much to do.

 And once again, some B & A of Mr. Mission after my mission.

That's it for today.  Keep Creating!

xo Crafty Mama

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