Friday, September 21, 2012

Our latest Endeavour

I'm talking about the one that flew over our home this morning.  Final voyage, check it out:

That's the pic my husband took with his phone while he drove Jack to pre-school.  I'm sure he pulled over.

Daisy and I viewed it from the backyard.   Our glimpse was only a split second, but here's Daisy standing next to me on our backyard brick wall as we waited for the fly-over.

I was totally overwhelmed with one hand on the camera and one hand keeping the 2 year old from falling off the brick wall.  So I have nothing to share of the Endeavour's final flight except for these jet tracks it left behind right after it zoomed over.

But I just have to take a quick memory lane stroll and show you some pics from my childhood. This is my sister and I watching the shuttle get transported from the factory where it was made over to Edwards Air Force Base.  Check out the shuttle approaching.  

It was the Enterprise.  We were so close.

We watched it pass by.  I think I was around 4, and I remember this so, so vividly.

And because we gotta keep it real, I had to include this pic.

It blows my mind how close we were to it. 

So all this talk about Shuttle sightings got me in the mood for getting crafty.  And Jack read my mind, because before I mentioned it, he asked "Mommy can we make a space shuttle craft when I wake up from my nap?"  You know I was so onto it!

I had this idea to make an orbiting shuttle using the technique of some of the kids' sliding/pull-out books we have.  So we gathered a few materials: black paper for 'outer space,' a space shuttle printed on card from a google images search, star stickers, a blue planet earth, and some green paint to paint the continents on earth.

To get started, I penciled the lines of the continents, then jack filled them in with green paint.

Next up we fixed the shuttle so it would orbit across the sky.  I reinforced some black construction paper and taped it to the back of the shuttle.

I taped the end of it to the back of the shuttle on each side, so that when you open it up it would look like this from the side.  But then when you fold it, the black 'handle' would lay flat.

Next I cut a 4-inch slit in the black Outer Space paper.

When the paint dried we put it all together, and it was amazing! Jack glued the planet earth into place, and added the star stickers.  I helped him slide the handle into the hole.

Then we watched as the space shuttle orbited when he moved the handle back...

...and forth!

But we couldn't stop there.  Our space shuttle sighting day ended with a grand finale.  We've done an Alka Seltzer rocket trick with the kids a few times in the backyard.  But today's rocket launch had a space shuttle blast-off twist.  To start, I printed some pictures (again, from Google Images) onto card of the space shuttle in its launch position.  Here it is, cut out, along with three Fugi film cannisters.  And you know I had to include my brown grouted countertop - the real backbone of this blog.  

So once the shuttles were cut out, I glue-gunned them to the film canisters, with the open end of the canisters facing downward.  Here they are waiting for take-off in front of our garage door.

This rocket launch needed a few other supplies to work: Alka Seltzer tablets broken in half, some water and a little measuring cup to pour it into the film canisters, as well as the lids.  Also, I turned the shuttles around in this pic so you could see how the canister is glued to the back.

To launch these, each cup needs half an Alka Seltzer tablet, and about a Tablespoon of water (or filled approximately 1/4 full).  Then I quickly snapped the lid on, and set it out to launch.  It takes a few seconds, then flies into the air with a little "Pop!"

Jack covered his ears the duration of our launches, and Daisy refused to look saying "Shuttle is scary!"  But when we were finished she said "I like that Space Shuttle."  I know a video would be an amazing finale, but I'm just going to end it here and leave you to try it for yourself at home.  It's amazing and addicting, so try it this weekend!

Remember to keep creating, and may all your endeavours have just the right ending!

xo Crafty Mama

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