Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Lovin'

The summer of 2012 has been amazing!  The kiddos both had their birthdays, which reminded me that I need to just chill and take some deep breaths, slow down, and enjoy every moment with them.  So here are some memories from June til now that I'm still lovin' on.

We took a trip to Minnesota back in June...business for Mr. Crafty Mama, and pleasure for the kiddos and I.  They were excited to fly on "The Big Airplane."

Flying was a first for Daisy.  Once on solid ground the kiddos enjoyed checking out the landscape, and couldn't get enough time throwing rocks in this Minnesota river.

Speaking of flying machines, they also got up close and personal with a live helicopter landing.

After our 10 day trip, we filled a few summer days with trips to the bowling alley.

The kiddos threw together some 4th of July spin art.

We strung it up as backyard decorative bunting for a house party.

With the sun so bright, Daisy mastered the art of wearing sunglasses.

She also got to see her star go up on our Library's summer reading club wall of fame.

Jack test drove the set of golf clubs he got for his birthday.

Daisy also enjoys bringing her set to the driving range.

Right after his 4th birthday, Jack figured out how to swim on his own!  This pic is a screen shot from the actual video of his very first solo attempt.   He's been a little fishy ever since.  

Also in the backyard, we grew a whoppin' crop of veggies!

And we rocked out at our church's Sky VBS...definitely a summer favorite!

The kiddos were lovin' our local county fair.  Jack made this giant bubble.

Daisy learned to milk a cow.

They team-worked it at the water pump.

And Daisy paid a quarter to win a prize at the at the very same wheel I used to spin every year as a kid.

A few weekend beach trips were squeezed in.

The kiddos became cricket playing experts, thanks to their dad.

We reunited with old friends.

Took a camping trip to the beach.

And roasted marshmallows on our evening campfires.

My kids are growing up!

Here's our latest attempt at a family photo.

Recently Daisy has begun expressing herself with her wardrobe selection.

And Jack was totally giddy about his first day of pre-school as a 4 year old.

I'll leave you with a wall quote I saw at the St. Paul Children's Museum.  Sometimes I get sidelined with the stuff that comes with staying home with the kiddos...the messes, the noise, the fussing, the laundry, the cooking, the spills, the play dough stuck in the carpet, the cat throw-up, also on the carpet (this morning!).  But I'm going to let this quote carry me and be a theme for our home.  I want to remember to play with my kids,  to be involved with them and thoroughly enjoy them.  Because playing leads to creativity, and creativity turns chaos into order.

So keep playing and creating, and enjoying every moment!

xo  Crafty Mama

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