Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's fly!

Love is in the air!  Bring on the pink and red, and all things sticky with glitter.  Jack had his preschool valentine exchange this morning. That stuff is serious business.  He came home with his goody bag filled to the brim with valentines.  

I promised we'd dive into it as soon as he wakes up from his nap.  So the nap is happening now.  During which, I'm taking a sneak peak for a photo opportunity, knowing that when we do it together it'll get thoroughly torn into, pulled apart and loved up in a flash.  Here's the loot. 


The school valentines exchange totally rocked my socks as a kid, so it seems only logical that the #2 reason God made me a mom was so I could still have a little fun with it in grown up world (as long as the kiddos are willing, ya know. Btw, wondering about reason # 1? Check over here.)

Before the big reveal of Jack's 2013 valentine, here's a close up of some valentine awesomeness in his bag.
I'm all over the felt superhero cape and goggles this tootsie roll pop is sporting.  And what's a valentine without a knee-slappin' pun?  

Also, check out this  heart-shaped lump of melted crayola goodness, and accompanying pun, just in case your other knee feels left out.

Jack's Valentine has been in the laboratory for a few days.  It started on the weekend when we went out to grab this pic.  We have a lot of aviation stuff where we live, so it wasn't too hard to find the right backdrop.

PicMonkey helped me turn that into this.  

Then we grabbed some smarties, sticks of gum and lifesavers from our local 99cent store, and put them together like this with some rubber bands stockpiled in the office drawer.

The photo was printed onto wallet sizes at Costco.  I picked up the Cellophane at Michael's with a 50% off coupon, and the white card stapled over the top was some that we already had.  

Jack was totally jazzed to take them to school this morning to share with his class.  

Wanna see his Valentines for 2012?  Check 'em out here.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  

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