Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Eggstra Surprise

I was awoken at 6 this morning, but Jack sweetened it up by whispering "Happy Easter Mommy" in my ear as my head lay on the pillow.

We've been enjoying the Easter weekend with the kids. Yesterday they put on their special Easter outfits and rode their bicycles to church.  This was a rare moment when we were ready early enough to snap a photo on our way out the door.

My mom came over in the afternoon and set up an egg hunt on the front lawn, leaving the kiddos to scavenge for their afternoon snack.  The grass was ripe for mowing and ideal for hiding those eggs good and well.  

Jack went for it full speed.  Daisy picked up one egg and stopped there to enjoy the snacks before going in search of another egg.  She has yet to embrace the joy of deferred gratification.

After we woke up, I spent the first hour enjoying their Easter baskets with the kids while I simultaneously injected coffee into my veins.  Then Jack and Daisy played with their new treasures while I made an Easter cake for us to enjoy this afternoon.  It's Mango Carrot cake and it's on the April cover of Better Homes and Gardens.  There's even a video of how to make it, which is helpful if your brain is still waking up like mine was.  This cake actually reminded me of a carrot cake some lovely Jamaican ladies made for my husband when we lived in Wales.  The fresh nutmeg really comes through in a welcoming way.  Here's a shout out to Sweet Maggie May for sharing the recipe here.

On Friday I whipped up a last minute surprise for the kids' Easter baskets.  It was inspired by some Christmas Surprise Balls we made a few months ago with my MOPS group.  I took the ball idea and tweaked it, aiming for an egg-like shape.  Here's how to do it:

Gather a selection of tiny treasures.

Rummage through your cupboards for some leftover party streamers.

Start with your oddest shaped toy.  This spinning top had all kinds of crazy angles, so I started by wrapping it with paper party streamer.

Keep wrapping it until it's totally hidden.  Here's a shot with the camera sandwiched between my neck and chin.  The aim was a little low.

The technique is to keep adding toys to the little bundle and wrapping wrapping wrapping.  So turn on your favorite flick and enjoy some multitasking!

 If you run out of a roll and you still have more treasures to wrap, grab another color and keep going.  Try to get it snug, but not too snug that the paper tears. But if that happens just overlap the rest on the back of the torn part and keep on wrapping.

If you're making these into Christmas balls, aim for a ball shape and stop there.

To get the egg-like shape add a smaller toy to one end of the ball and keep wrapping until all your surprises are snuggled up and hidden away.

Finally your egg shape should begin to appear!

When that happens, grab some glue and secure the end of the paper to the egg.

Wrap a ribbon around it and hide it in the grass for your kids to discover on their Easter Egg Hunt.

And if you're wondering about how long it takes, after a bit of practice I'm able to do one egg in approximately 15 minutes.  Not to shabby for some extra Easter morning fun.

Hope you enjoyed some Easter Joy with your loved ones today!

Crafty Mama

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