Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cake for my Cupcakes

Every summer we hit birthday season.  It actually finished in August, so I can't really let another day pass without recording what this year's season of cake looked like around here.

It actually started on July 22, the day before Mr Crafty Mama's 36th Birthday, when Prince George made his way into our world!

The kiddos and I had our first go at making Cake Pops.  We actually rolled the balls of cake a few days before, then waited til the baby was born to see what color we'd get to decorate them.  Welcome baby George!  This cake pop's for you.

After that we got to celebrate Mr. Crafty Mama.  Once again, he requested a Victoria Sponge, a British classic. We put our own twist on the powdered sugar sprinkle, using a home-made stencil from some white cardstock.

Here's how it looked after we sprinkled some powdered sugar, then lifted up the cardstock.

The kids gave it two thumbs up.

This next pic is totally the one, my three favorites gathered at the table while the kiddos sing to their dad.

Next in the birthday line was my Daisy. Some family came to help celebrate, including her cousin page, who assisted me in making a Daisy sandwich!

Dais has a thing for the "Daddy Gorilla" (she named it)  giant lawn sculpture that sits on the front yard of a house near our neighborhood. So when I asked her if she wanted a Daddy Gorilla Birthday Cake, she was all over the idea.  However, Daisy isn't so keen on being in the spotlight.  She was nervous about her birthday party, and even though it was just our extended family we invited round for the afternoon, she told me for several days prior that I was going to have to tell them to leave! 

But I didn't.  So that afternoon we ate Daddy Gorilla themed food.

 Dais survived her party and even suffered through the singing of Happy Birthday.

Fortunately she had her dad there to tickle her and her big brother to blow out her candles.

The gorilla heads are cake pop balls dipped in melted chocolate.  The ears are mini Oreos layered with a brown Reeces Pieces.  Yeah, it was a rough to eat all the extra orange and yellow ones myself.  The eyes are made by Wilton, sold at Michaels.  The nose/mouth section is a mini oreo with chocolate frosting piped for the nostrils and mouth.  Welcome to three crazy Daisy!

Finally, we got to celebrate the big 5 with our Jack.  This was the first year he asked to have his friends over for a party.  He asked for a baseball themed cake.  I put together this baseball diamond by cutting up marshmallows for the bases, and adding some dirt with ground up vanilla wafers, the same technique from his golf cake last year.

But just before his birthday, Jack came down with the tsunami of all stomach flues as we've known them around here.  It just would. not. stop. So we put away the hotdogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks, popped the cake into the freezer and canceled our party plans.  When the birthday boy was feeling better we rescheduled the party.  But the night before that party, those beastly germs landed on me. With a quick call to the bowling alley for a change of venue plan, the party went on, but without me.  :(

The baseball party became a bowling party, and our 5 year old was in his element surrounded by his friends.

Thus concludes birthday season 2013!

xo Crafty Mama