Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finger Prints

Jack was working away at his homework and Dais was looking for something to do with us at the table.  I grabbed the extra large popsicle sticks that have been lingering in the craft drawer from this and this project, along with the stamp pad, and Dais got to work stamping her fingerprint on each one.

I love how Daisy does everything with all her might and passion, even stamping her fingerprint on a stick of wood.

While she stamped away I grabbed a fine point Sharpie and turned her sweet fingerprint into a little birdie with a Christmas greeting.  That evening after the kiddos were asleep I hung out in the garage with my drill. First I started with a tiny pilot hole to (try to!) prevent the wood from splitting.

After the tiny pilot hole, I grabbed a second drill bit to make a larger hole.  What size drill bits were used?  That's the boring stuff I never pay attention to - more of an eyeball it kind of girl.  But here's a pic so you can see the ratio difference.

Sadly there were a few casualties.  

After some added twine, these guys are ready to tag our gifts and deliver a taste of Christmas cheer!

I couldn't resist lining them up in color spectrum order.

Like the spray paint in my garage is hanging out these days.

It's my happy spot.  But now another happy spot has been added to the list, because I have something done early for Christmas, which hasn't happened in years!

Merry Christmas in October!

P.S.  Wanna see some other kid-assisted Christmas gift tags?  Check out these tags from 2011.

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