Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tag Team

This is a blitz-style post.  Gotta start supper in 11 minutes.  No.  10 minutes now.  Ready, set, go!

Jack was ready to decorate his own tags for 2013 after Daisy got her chance.  So we went into action.  I got him set by punching out some gift tags.

Next I doodled a few Christmas drawings with a skinny Sharpie.

After school this afternoon Jack got busy with the coloring in part.

While he did his part, I got camera happy with the first love.

He did so well.  Is there anything more beautiful than kid-infused art?

And of course he got a reward for his hard work, along with is sister, who encouraged us along the way.

Merry Christmas from my littles!

Crafty Mama

10 minutes flat ! Pinto Bean Quesodillas, here we come.

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