Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweets from my Sweet

It's Daisy's first time to DIY her own set of Valentines.  After what Jack and I hashed out in 2013 and also in 2012, I feel like both times after we finish them I sit around for hours dreaming up a new pun for the next year's batch.  Is there anyone out there who also finds that as a form of entertainment?  Well that's mine when I'm trying to take a detox from episodes of The Bachelor.

So this year Daisy and I came up with one, starting with a candy she really likes:

And I love 'em too, so we could sort of bond on this one.  The next step involved a very very brief photo session, because brief is about all I can get from Daisy in the photo department these days.  Our pick of the litter was this one:

Next I got some help from Picmonkey.

My plan was to print them as 4x6's at Costco and glue the Smarties into Daisy's hand, like she's holding them out for each of her very loved friends.  BTW, she really does love her friends.  Every kid at her preschool and at church is a "nice boy" or a "nice girl".  One day I sort of did something naughty and asked "Is there anyone at preschool who isn't nice?"  To which she replied "Nope."  So even though I'm the one who came up with message on the photo, it still felt like it was all Daisy, because it's just the kind of thing she would say about her friends.

Anyways, about the size and all that kind of stuff, fortunately the size they were as I edited them on Picmonkey was literally 4x6 on my monitor, so I just held up the Smarties where we'd glue them on to make sure it all was gonna work out just right.

So, after printing a bunch off for her preschool peeps, her friends at church, and a few for family, I chopped up some old card stock I already had, glued the pic on it with some Elmer's, and glued on the Smarties with a dot of hot glue from my trusty and always dependable glue gun.

 And that, ya'll, is Daisy's first ever set of DIY Valentines.

Stay tuned for Jack's 2014 batch!

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