Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweets from my Sweet

It's Daisy's first time to DIY her own set of Valentines.  After what Jack and I hashed out in 2013 and also in 2012, I feel like both times after we finish them I sit around for hours dreaming up a new pun for the next year's batch.  Is there anyone out there who also finds that as a form of entertainment?  Well that's mine when I'm trying to take a detox from episodes of The Bachelor.

So this year Daisy and I came up with one, starting with a candy she really likes:

And I love 'em too, so we could sort of bond on this one.  The next step involved a very very brief photo session, because brief is about all I can get from Daisy in the photo department these days.  Our pick of the litter was this one:

Next I got some help from Picmonkey.

My plan was to print them as 4x6's at Costco and glue the Smarties into Daisy's hand, like she's holding them out for each of her very loved friends.  BTW, she really does love her friends.  Every kid at her preschool and at church is a "nice boy" or a "nice girl".  One day I sort of did something naughty and asked "Is there anyone at preschool who isn't nice?"  To which she replied "Nope."  So even though I'm the one who came up with message on the photo, it still felt like it was all Daisy, because it's just the kind of thing she would say about her friends.

Anyways, about the size and all that kind of stuff, fortunately the size they were as I edited them on Picmonkey was literally 4x6 on my monitor, so I just held up the Smarties where we'd glue them on to make sure it all was gonna work out just right.

So, after printing a bunch off for her preschool peeps, her friends at church, and a few for family, I chopped up some old card stock I already had, glued the pic on it with some Elmer's, and glued on the Smarties with a dot of hot glue from my trusty and always dependable glue gun.

 And that, ya'll, is Daisy's first ever set of DIY Valentines.

Stay tuned for Jack's 2014 batch!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tag Team

This is a blitz-style post.  Gotta start supper in 11 minutes.  No.  10 minutes now.  Ready, set, go!

Jack was ready to decorate his own tags for 2013 after Daisy got her chance.  So we went into action.  I got him set by punching out some gift tags.

Next I doodled a few Christmas drawings with a skinny Sharpie.

After school this afternoon Jack got busy with the coloring in part.

While he did his part, I got camera happy with the first love.

He did so well.  Is there anything more beautiful than kid-infused art?

And of course he got a reward for his hard work, along with is sister, who encouraged us along the way.

Merry Christmas from my littles!

Crafty Mama

10 minutes flat ! Pinto Bean Quesodillas, here we come.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finger Prints

Jack was working away at his homework and Dais was looking for something to do with us at the table.  I grabbed the extra large popsicle sticks that have been lingering in the craft drawer from this and this project, along with the stamp pad, and Dais got to work stamping her fingerprint on each one.

I love how Daisy does everything with all her might and passion, even stamping her fingerprint on a stick of wood.

While she stamped away I grabbed a fine point Sharpie and turned her sweet fingerprint into a little birdie with a Christmas greeting.  That evening after the kiddos were asleep I hung out in the garage with my drill. First I started with a tiny pilot hole to (try to!) prevent the wood from splitting.

After the tiny pilot hole, I grabbed a second drill bit to make a larger hole.  What size drill bits were used?  That's the boring stuff I never pay attention to - more of an eyeball it kind of girl.  But here's a pic so you can see the ratio difference.

Sadly there were a few casualties.  

After some added twine, these guys are ready to tag our gifts and deliver a taste of Christmas cheer!

I couldn't resist lining them up in color spectrum order.

Like the spray paint in my garage is hanging out these days.

It's my happy spot.  But now another happy spot has been added to the list, because I have something done early for Christmas, which hasn't happened in years!

Merry Christmas in October!

P.S.  Wanna see some other kid-assisted Christmas gift tags?  Check out these tags from 2011.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cake for my Cupcakes

Every summer we hit birthday season.  It actually finished in August, so I can't really let another day pass without recording what this year's season of cake looked like around here.

It actually started on July 22, the day before Mr Crafty Mama's 36th Birthday, when Prince George made his way into our world!

The kiddos and I had our first go at making Cake Pops.  We actually rolled the balls of cake a few days before, then waited til the baby was born to see what color we'd get to decorate them.  Welcome baby George!  This cake pop's for you.

After that we got to celebrate Mr. Crafty Mama.  Once again, he requested a Victoria Sponge, a British classic. We put our own twist on the powdered sugar sprinkle, using a home-made stencil from some white cardstock.

Here's how it looked after we sprinkled some powdered sugar, then lifted up the cardstock.

The kids gave it two thumbs up.

This next pic is totally the one, my three favorites gathered at the table while the kiddos sing to their dad.

Next in the birthday line was my Daisy. Some family came to help celebrate, including her cousin page, who assisted me in making a Daisy sandwich!

Dais has a thing for the "Daddy Gorilla" (she named it)  giant lawn sculpture that sits on the front yard of a house near our neighborhood. So when I asked her if she wanted a Daddy Gorilla Birthday Cake, she was all over the idea.  However, Daisy isn't so keen on being in the spotlight.  She was nervous about her birthday party, and even though it was just our extended family we invited round for the afternoon, she told me for several days prior that I was going to have to tell them to leave! 

But I didn't.  So that afternoon we ate Daddy Gorilla themed food.

 Dais survived her party and even suffered through the singing of Happy Birthday.

Fortunately she had her dad there to tickle her and her big brother to blow out her candles.

The gorilla heads are cake pop balls dipped in melted chocolate.  The ears are mini Oreos layered with a brown Reeces Pieces.  Yeah, it was a rough to eat all the extra orange and yellow ones myself.  The eyes are made by Wilton, sold at Michaels.  The nose/mouth section is a mini oreo with chocolate frosting piped for the nostrils and mouth.  Welcome to three crazy Daisy!

Finally, we got to celebrate the big 5 with our Jack.  This was the first year he asked to have his friends over for a party.  He asked for a baseball themed cake.  I put together this baseball diamond by cutting up marshmallows for the bases, and adding some dirt with ground up vanilla wafers, the same technique from his golf cake last year.

But just before his birthday, Jack came down with the tsunami of all stomach flues as we've known them around here.  It just would. not. stop. So we put away the hotdogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks, popped the cake into the freezer and canceled our party plans.  When the birthday boy was feeling better we rescheduled the party.  But the night before that party, those beastly germs landed on me. With a quick call to the bowling alley for a change of venue plan, the party went on, but without me.  :(

The baseball party became a bowling party, and our 5 year old was in his element surrounded by his friends.

Thus concludes birthday season 2013!

xo Crafty Mama

Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day

I've been losing sleep over it for at least a year now. Maybe two.  Perhaps that explains the new grey hairs that are appearing. Why?  Kindergarten!  It's arrived at Casa de Crafty Mama.  Jack is a few weeks into it, and has surprised us with how well he's adjusted to this new phase of his life.  He's in love with his school, idolizes his teachers, and is fully loyal to his group of football playing, basketball loving, super hero imitating friends.

Leading up to the first day, Jack, aka Mr. Cool, was pretty excited. I, however, had a fair dose of butterflies in my stomach.  Here's how we got ready:

The night before the first day we packed his backpack.  Jack surprised me by bringing me this pic he had in his room and suggested himself that he keeps it in a special pocket of his backpack for when he misses me. He said he could take it out and it would be what he would call "love time."  Oh my heart.  How does he do it?

In addition to packing his lunch for the first day, I also took out the Sharpie for a first go with a special lunch/message/note on his snack bag.

So that stuff was all the night before the big day. Together he and I laid out his school uniform, picked out some socks and undies, and of course I snuggled him up in his bed as tight as he would allow me to squeeze him.

The next morning I'm laying in my bed and hear his bedside light click on.  I stayed in bed and watched as he got up and promptly dressed himself.  After a few minutes, I got up see what he was up to in the bathroom. There he stood in only his socks and shirt, that's it!, dipping his fingers into some hair gel. Gotta look good for the first day!  He was acting differently already, more grown up, and he was out to prove it.  He insisted on fixing his hair himself.  No help from mama today!  After that he completed the clothing process and we stepped outside for him to strike a few poses in some first day pics.


Next step was the kitchen.   He spotted on the mirror a message I Wiki Sticked the night before.  While everything inside of me wanted to run the other way from this day, it seemed like the best thing to just embrace it and go for it with all my heart, just like he was doing.  So my way of embracing was to put up a reminder of the new phase of life we were beginning.

We planned his powerbreakfast the night before:  Waffles, a cuppa tea, and maple syrup in a medicine cup.

With the waterproof mascara applied, an ample supply of tissues in my pocket, and sunglasses secured to prevent Jack the  embarrassment of my monsoon of tears, our family of four made the drive to his new school.

We hung out in his classroom for a few minutes, then eventually said our goodbyes.  Jack was thrilled to meet his teacher, and excited to check out the new crop of friends he'd be spending the next year with.  His enthusiasm actually made it fairly easy to say good bye to him.

When we got back home, Dais and I cracked out the Legos and, at her request, built our very own Big Ben.

And because Jack was on our minds, we made a reminder that in about 5 hours we'd be heading back to school to swoop him into our arms and hear all about his day.

As I mentioned, we're now about a month into this new chapter, and even though I miss him dearly, think about him, pray for him, and wonder about what he's doing,  it's also brought a new change that I'm very thankful for.  For one, I get to have some good quality time just with my girl.  She's great at expressing herself, and I love to hear about it.  Also, Jack is totally embracing school work, and while he doesn't tell me every single detail about his school day all at once,  little snippets usually come out throughout the afternoon. Sometimes he brings home work he completed at school and we sit down and look at it together.  He's so proud of his hard work and loves to show it off.